À la fin des nuits / When the nights end 80 min. (2021)

A punk band traveling around Europe, performing in squats. In these occupied places, they meet allies, that also fight against conformism in our society, recklessly chasing utopia, seeking for freedom. With music as a weapon, they must keep going through their journey, sticking to their unity pact no matter what, until the nights end.

  • Direction: Pierre Garcia-Rennes
  • Editing: Erwan Lansonneur
  • Scenario: Erwan Lansonneur, Pierre Garcia-Rennes, Rudy Delaprez, Paul Muselet
  • Music: Andreas Melas, Alberto Matteo, Julia Badenes, Diego Lopez, Pas Cal, Nico Sarris, Lauretta Petit-Chat, Baptiste Desmidt, Christos Papadopoulos
  • Mix: Plume
  • Calibration: Jade Gomes & David Kajman

Subtitles in english, greek & spanish
Infos / contact: kravboca[at]gmail.com