Underdogs Festival #1

Thanks everyone!

You made this first edition of our UNDERDOGS festival a real magical moment with an incredible atmosphere and people who crossed Europe to support the cause (Greek solidarity fund TAMEIO).

It wasn’t just a sold out gig but a unique moment of sharing between punk and DIY rap, with Dio Miden Dio Miden‘s brothers, Unwound, Grut, the amazing 0-100 Seirene and Trholz, the best band in the world.

We warmly thank Le Hangar of Ivry, Cronos association, and Initiative Grecque. Next year, we’ll bring you a second edition… in another country!

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100% self-produced

An event that brings together the values of Do It Yourself, with guests appreciated for the quality of their music, their background, and their free, inclusive and anti-racist values. All festival profits will be donated to a solidarity fund.

This first edition was organized in Paris and all funds raised from tickets went to the athenian association TAMEIO, providing legal aid to political prisoners arbitrarily detained in Greece.